Monday, October 03, 2005

What should the library buy for teens?

Tell us about the best books, movies, and cds.


Sarah Dornish said...

I recommend buying the following books (and the rest in their series if you don't already have them, or just continue buying all in the series when available):

All books by Stephenie Meyer
All books by Meg Cabot
The Keys to the Kingdom series
All books by Jonathan Stroud
All books by Eoin Colfer
All Foxtrot comic books
All books by Louise Rennison
All books by Rose Wilkins
All books by Anthony Horowitz
The last of the Eldest trilogy
More Dilbert comic books
More Zits comic books
More Cathy comic books

Above books are suitable for teenagers except for those by authors that write teen fiction and adult fiction, such as Meg Cabot (though their adult fiction is also excellent).

You already have many of these books. I am merely commending your past choices and encouraging you to continue purchasing books from these authors. I am already well aware of the library request system and take full advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else interested in Dilbert, Foxtrot,Zits comix?

Bon-Bon said...

Mch more copys of the books from the Twilight Saga