Friday, March 04, 2011

Teen Video Competition

Vote for local videographer Kyle Plummer in the California Library Video competition. You can decide on which video is the best!

Kyle's You Are Here video was shot on a Canon Vixia HEM 31--a high-definition camera that uses AVCHD--and it was edited on a PC.

The submitted videos have been uploaded to, where beginning March 4, teens all over the state will be encouraged to vote for their favorite(s), by clicking on the video's "like" button. The three videos with the most "likes" will go on to the final judging, where a winner will be chosen by a panel of librarians and video professionals based on creativity, message clarity and relevance, motivation and inspiration, and overall impact. Winners from the participating 30+ states will be entered in the national contest and the winning video will become the public service announcement for the nationwide Summer Reading Program.

Take a look at the site above to see all the videos—look for the “see all” in red print. Kyle’s is listed as You Are Here-CA-K. Plummer; or you can go directly to And please Vote using the “Like” button!

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